Kimble Given Pride of Williamstown Award

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He's the Pride of Williamstown.

Long time resident Glenn Kimble was awarded the Pride of Williamstown last night at the city council meeting. According to Mayor Ford, Kimble helped the community in many ways including the street signs, baseball fields, parks and numerous other things. Yesterday was proclaimed Glenn Kimble day by Mayor Ford.

"He has just, just worked continually, when he had the time, he gave it to the city. So the award we gave him was just absolutely phenomenal and we were just so thrilled to do it because he definitely deserved it," said Mayor Ford.

The Mayor added, "He was over whelmed. He had no idea and he just said, I did it. He was just so humble. I did it because I wanted to do it. And he was happy he could do it for the town."

The Pride of Williamstown award was made a year ago and has been given out to four other people. Kimble's picture will be hung up in the council room with the other recipients.

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