Kirk Greenfield's Alaskan Adventures

Update 3
Here's a single shot of the mama Bald Eagle standing guard over her large nest with 3 babies inside. (Normally there are only two, but experts say they think all 3 are healthy and may survive.) Daddy bald eagle flew off and caught a fish for them and we got to see him arrive home to feed them live on the webcam that is maintained by the Yukon Electric Company as positive P.R.

Update 2
We are now in Beaver Creek Junction, just across the national border from Alaska into Canada's Yukon Territory. We have been following the Alcan highway for 308 miles from Fairbanks,, and this small town has only a hotel with diner theater in the round, no phone, no A/C, no TV... but fortunately, I'm sitting in the deserted breakfast room where wifi is bleeding over from the lobby. It's the only air conditioning that I could find, and some peace and quiet. The Dinner Theater "Beaver Creek Rendezvous" was great as always. The main lead has been performing for 22 years here, and his partner, for 15 years, and the musical director for 12. That man also plays the organ for the Calgary Flames hockey games during the rest of the year!

We are very weary after a day filled with touring the North Pole Santa's workshop 12 miles outside of Fairbanks, driving down to see Elsie the mannequin at the Alaskan Oil Pipeline crossing over the Tanin River, then lunch at Tok and customs crossing just outside Beaver Creek.

As internet service is scarce and population in the Yukon is under 3000, we may not be in contact for several days. Even cell phone service has switched to a high-price land-line relay in Canada, and so we can't count on sending photos, stories, video or text regularly now. Perhaps in two days.

Hope all is well.

Update 1
Denali (Mt. McKinnley) so visible due to dry air over Alaska. The name of the national wildlife preserve is Denali, the first nations word for "The Great One". It's the largest mountain in N. America and "creates it's own weather" by disrupting airflow. That's why it is usually shrouded in clouds, fog, snow and precipt.

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