UPDATE: Marietta College Newspaper Article Exposes Discrimination

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UPDATE 2/7/2014 5:10 PM

Shock and then immediate action.

All this after an article in the Marietta College newspaper, The Marcolian, exposes discrimination against Kuwaiti students.

The two students who wrote the article say they had no idea it would get this much reaction.

They just wanted to tell a story that they believe needed attention.

The Kuwaiti students were having trouble assimilating on campus and in the community.

"We've had some conversations with local folks about these things, because it's not only the Muslim women that have gone through this - we have also had some issues with African American students, and even some of our Chinese students," says Dr. Robert Pastoor, vice-president of Student Life at Marietta College. "And whereas a majority of Marietta City is very good, and very welcoming, there are some people that don't quite have the attitude we would like them to have."

"An issue that I don't think has enough visibility in this community, and then seeing the reaction to that in a positive way and people coming together to try and fix this problem," says Marietta College sophomore Taylor Hanigosky, co-author of the Marcolian article.

"They support me now and there are a lot of students that come when I study...they offer to teach me everything that I want and they are so friendly," says Hawraa Kamal, a freshman from Kuwait.

One Kuwaiti student did transfer; however, others decided to stay.

They say after the article was published it was a complete change.

They feel accepted, comfortable and are loving Marietta College, finding ways to share their beliefs with others and in return, learn about American culture.

Here is a link to the article in the Marcolian:


Spreading love and peace throughout the Marietta College campus.

Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian students along with others took it upon themselves Thursday to give out roses to everyone on campus outside of the dining hall, helping to create awareness and acceptance of all religions and races.

There were many smiles and students say they gave out so many, they ran out of roses.

"We want to correct the misunderstanding that people thought about our prophet of Islam and about our religion. We believe in all prophets and all religions. And we just want to spread the love and peace with everybody here," says Rana Al Homoud, a Marietta College Student from Saudi Arabia.

An article in the college newspaper last week exposed the story of multiple Kuwaiti students on campus that felt so discriminated against, they wanted to leave.

Reaction from that is now making them feel accepted.

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