Local Woman Saving Lives with the Red Cross

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More than a decade ago, Susan Hughes of Parkersburg nearly lost her life to a catastrophic flood and credits the Red Cross with saving her.

"Back fourteen years ago when we had a flash flood on 95 and Martown, I almost lost my life in my car in the flood. Red Cross was there to help me and I want to give back and help all I can," Hughes says.

A devoted volunteer, the Florida deployment marks Hughes' 58th and she is always at the ready whenever and wherever there's a need.

"Susan's been a real loyal volunteer for us," Emergency Services Director Todd Wines says. "She always goes out every time there's a need nationally for a disaster. She's been to North Dakota last year, Minnesota. I mean every time there's a need, she's always willing to go out."

The Parkersburg resident wants to make life easier for those hardest hit on the Gulf Coast.

"To help put some of the clients' minds at ease at the shelter that we can provide them a dry warm place to stay for right now," Hughes says.

Hughes recommends everyone consider volunteering, as it is life changing.

"Volunteering, it's very rewarding," she says. "I mean I don't get paid, I don't want to get paid. I get paid in my heart," she says.

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