Labor Donated to Hockenberry's "Smart" Home

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The dream of a new home and a brighter future is one step closer for triple amputee Army Specialist Kyle Hockenberry.

Sponsors are coming forward donating to Hockenberry's new "smart" home.

Local Building Trades Association will be donating all labor from plumbers to roofers for Hockenberry's home.

Also, supporting the cause from the other side of the state... Sheoga Hardwood Floors will be donating all hardwood floors.

"These guys, they leave home, they go over seas, they don't look back they don't think twice, how could you not step up whenever you have a chance to help people like that," explains President of the Parkersburg/Marietta Building Trades Association, Bill Hutchinson.

"He just made such an enormous sacrifice for our country and we want to make sure that he realizes that we look at him as a soldier and a hero and we want to do what we can to make his life a pleasure from this point forward," says Vice President of Sheoga Hardwood Floors, Barbara Titus.

After having surgery just last week, Hockenberry will be at the Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band concert next Thursday.

Sponsors are asking everyone, attending or not, to line Putnam Street and Marietta College to give Hockenberry a hero's tribute.

For more on houses already built and Hockenberry's story visit:
Also anyone can donate to Kyle through the website.

For ways to donate to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation in support of Kyle Hockenberry's new home:

August 16, Marietta College, 7 p.m.
Tickets on sale at all People's News stores
Ticket availability:
500 VIP: $75
500 Gold: $55
2000 General Admission: $35
Tickets are on sale for the Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band through:

$25 per adult, $10 under 12.
To Register or for more information visit:
The facebook page:!/TunnelToTowersRunMarietta

T-SHIRTS WITH ""For those I love I will sacrifice."
Get your t-shirt for $20 at:

For more information, call 314-603-2866.
or contact People's Bank in Marietta Ohio to make a donation.


"Kyle gave three limbs for his country, we must give him whatever we can do. Whatever we can reach out and give him some hope," says Stephen Siller's brother and chairman of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers foundation, Frank Siller.

With an American flag ninety feet in the air, hundreds line the street all in support of Army Specialist, Kyle Hockenberry.

"A small town like this is the definition of America, of how a community will come together for a local hero," says Siller

Its all about providing a new "smart" home for Hockenberry. The home will be built by the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and by donations from the entire community.

Hockenberry was unable to be at the parade but his family was.

"It's just an overwhelming, humbling feeling. The community has been with us since day one of Kyle's injuries, to be where we are a year later talking about building a new house for Kyle is just... I'm so honored to be from this community," says Hockenberry's dad, Chet Hockenberry.

Donations are already coming in with People's Bank donating $10,000 dollars after the parade.
Lowe's has also committed Lowe's Heroes to help, as well as helping with the roof.

"We have to make sure that we never forget and that we honor the sacrifice and that is why we are here today, to honor the sacrifice that Kyle made for his country because of what happened on 9/11," says Siller

Now the foundation is asking Marietta and the entire Mid-Ohio Valley to step up and help a hero have a new beginning.

"What a town. Beautiful. I can see how much fun this is going to be and how important this is to everybody to make sure we give Specialist Kyle Hockenberry the house that he deserves," explains Siller.

Anyone can get involved by participating in the Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band concert and Tunnel To Towers 5k race in Marietta.

"These are specially adapted smart homes that we're building so it gives Kyle some independence he might not normally have in a normal home, in a home you or I might live in," says Siller.

It's about providing hope for a brighter... more independent future for the injured army specialist and his family.

"The kitchen counters are off an iPad will come down because the shelving is open on the bottom but off his iPad the shelves will come down so if he's in his wheelchair he can get something out of a kitchen cabinet where he doesn't have to ask somebody."

Not just the counter tops but the air, television, and even front door.

Foundation organizer bring together a community, providing hope for a solider and his family.

"To actually give back to all those who gave to us," explains former Battalion Chief and member of the foundation's advisory board, John Carroll," as a New York City fireman that has worked so many events that occurred on 9/11, I saw how the country pulled together and they really made our lives a lot easier the days and months after those horrific events occurred."

"And being one of the families that was lifted, for sure without it, I don't know what we would've done. That being said we want to make sure we lift other areas that are feeling the same kind of pain, other families that are feeling the same kind of pain," says Siller.

Everyday heroes sacrificing for their country.

"He doesn't consider himself a hero but he's truly humbled. He's looking forward to this house because it gives him a goal to get back home to his house during his rehab," says Chet Hockenberry about Kyle.

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