Labor Day, Unions And Senate Bill 5

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Labor Day is here and many Americans will be remembering the contributions made by laborers throughout the years. This is especially true in Ohio, where Senate Bill 5 remains a hotly contested issue. In the wake of the bill, some union workers say they're finding a unifying effect.

"Actually, this year has been a good year as far as labor unions. With some of the things that have been going through the state, with Senate Bill 5, has brought a lot of unions together and its actually brought a lot of awareness of what unions do for our country."

Eric Moore says the loss of bargaining rights could put the firefighters and community at risk.

"Our union provides for us a way that we can bargain for safety issues, not only for ourselves but for the public that we serve," Moore says. "Some of the things that are at risk here are things such as our staffing issues. We operate with a minimum of 8 firefighters here in the city of Marietta. They could do away with our minimum of 8 guys."

Moore says, especially on a day that commemorates the hard work and long hours of unions, laborers and workers, understanding the effects of a bill that could restrict a union is important in observing the holiday.

"It's important to remember that the rights that we have have been earned in the past. They've been negotiated in good faith by the unions and the administrations that we work with," Moore says. "And to remember that we're not out for the protection of ourselves, we're out for the protection of the public."

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