Last Minute Shoppers Take to the Mall

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A St. Mary's resident thought ahead and now she can just sit back, relax and not have to worry about shopping on Christmas.

"We're just out just being among people and just wanting to be happy," says Kathy Gilpin of St. Mary's. "I do everything beforehand and that's a good thing."

Kissy DeRito's boyfriend shares a birthday with Christmas, so she is at the mall picking up a cake. Other than that, her presents are already under the tree.

"All of my gifts are done, my mom has one last gift to pick up for a stocking stuffer," says DeRito of Richwood.

They check their list twice and now it's crunch time... why some people wait 'til the last minute to get their shop on this Christmas.

"I came out yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping but I brought my four-year-old daughter so we hit every shop in the mall," says Todd Sauers of Virginia Beach, VA. "So now I'm actually here to finish my list today... two or three people left but I think I can do it."

Shaelynn Walker and her mom are shopping 'til they drop; they'll stay 'til the stores are closing to get everything they need this Christmas.

"I was at college so I just got back a couple weeks ago so did last minute shopping," says Walker of Parkersburg, adding that she had not yet found everything she needed.

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