Latrobe Street Mission Emergency Shelter

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It's a short term option for a long-term problem.

Latrobe Street Mission's emergency shelter isn't meant to be a permanent solution to the housing crisis here at home.

Jason Batten, director of operations says as soon as someone walks through their doors, they immediately start figuring out a way to get them into a better housing situation.

They've seeing a lot of success recently, seven just in April who moved on.

He attributes it to a strong desire on the part of their guests who want to make positive life changes.

“It takes a community effort,” he says. “One of the greatest needs in the Parkersburg area is what's called Permanent Supportive Housing, an evidence based practice that is pretty much the most effective means of ending chronic homelessness.”

According to Batten, it's what the area needs the most and really what the long-term answer has to be.

Housing for a lot of people just isn't affordable and we all have to step up to help.

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