"Layaway Angels" Give Local Woman a Christmas Surprise

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In a season full of giving, a group of anonymous donors have been showing up at different Kmart stores to pay off the layaways of complete strangers and one local woman was a lucky recipient.

"My sister had actually come to make a payment because me and my husband couldn't and she's the one who actually found out", said Jessica Mcfee.

Mcfee had a layaway of $323 at the Vienna Kmart full of toys for her three little children. During tough times like these Christmas can become difficult.

"I still get worked up because without them my kids wouldn't have Christmas this year".

The new trend of being a layaway angel has taken off in recent years. Anyone can choose to pay off a random stranger's layaway. Both Walmart and Toys R Us are among the stores receiving these anonymous donations and the generosity is contagious.

At the Vienna Kmart one donor alone paid off close to thirty layaways and in a way it's just as meaningful to the employees as it is to the recipients.

"It takes everything not to cry with them, sometimes we still do. It's just so heart warming", says Cassandra Mills, Kmart manager.

Jessica says she's even more excited for Christmas this year and can't wait to see her kid's faces when they open their presents.

"I thank God and I thank the people who do this because without them there's so many who wouldn't have Christmas", says McFee.

She also hopes that someday she will be able to do the generous act for someone else that was once done for her.

"I'm just very very grateful and thank you. This is definitely going to be a Christmas we will never forget."

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