Learning The Importance Of Eating Healthier

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Eating healthier foods is important for a strong body.

That's what clients at Westbrook Health Services learned Friday afternoon.

The mental health facility held a planting day having clients help plant various fruits and vegetables.

Assembling raised gardens, and filling those with dirt were part of the day.

Making this possible, Westbrook Health Services received a $2,000 grant from Community Resources.

Crops produced will be used for client's lunches and sold to the public.

"I think that to see the full picture will really educate them on eating healthy and the sort of options instead of just going to the grocery store and picking things off of a shelf. I think it's going to help them learn how things grow," says Westbrook Health Services Director of the Day Program, Jessica Webb.

Members of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) were also there educating clients on the benefits of homegrown foods.

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