Levy Renewed for Doddridge County Schools

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Saturday in Doddridge County, voters decided the future of funding for county schools.

This fall we've already seen a renewal of school levies in Pleasants and Wood Counties.

According to Saturday's final tally, Doddridge is next to join the list of renewals.

The levy passes with Saturday's simple majority vote.

It will be worth over $4.8 million annually for the next 5 school years.

"It's a very, very important part of our school life," says Board of Education Vice-President William Curran. "It promotes and gets money from the taxes in the county and gives money to the school system to buy books, bussing, additional bussing, sports, all extra-curricular type activities for the students."

The school board adds that the levy even funds the library.

The Doddridge County 100 percent excess levy has been supported since 1949.

The board says that's the longest running levy in the state.

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