License Plate Readers

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They are mounted on the back on the cop cars and some people worry they are too invasive.

Beverly Police Chief Mark Sams disagrees.

Beverly police have license plate readers mounted on the back on the cruisers.
They were given to the station through a grant with Homeland Security around a year ago.

Chief Sams says the camera flashes a picture of every car's license plate as the cop car drives by them. It only brings up info on that plate if that car is in connection to a wanted person or stolen car.

He says the data comes from Franklin County where there is a hot list of wanted persons or stolen vehicles. This list is updated everyday.

Chief Sams says Beverly hasn't arrested anyone yet as a result however, it is a very good tool to have.

"I do think that they enjoy having that piece of equipment to help them perform their patrol duties, and like I said, it is just a tool that can aid them in apprehension of stolen vehicles and wanted persons," said Chief Mark Sams, Beverly Police Department.

Chief Sams says he knows Marietta also has them and other cities throughout Ohio.

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