Lieutenant's Death Remains Mystery 30 Years Later

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Thirty years ago the Washington County Sheriff's office lost one of its own.

Lieutenant Ray Clark was in his kitchen when a shotgun blast came through his window and hit him in the head.

"It was a shock to us, but, you know, in his line of duty, he'd been shot at before," said Robert Clark, Ray's younger brother.

Still, no one expected he'd be in danger while watching TV on a Saturday night.

"You know, that's really an invasion when someone comes and shoots you in your own house," said Clark's brother. "I think that's what shocked everyone so much."

Three decades later his killer has not been brought to justice and the Washington County Sheriff's office has launched a cold case unit with that as one if its goals.

Lieutenant Jeff Seevers heads the unit. He says he has an idea who killed Clark, but he doesn't have quite enough evidence to prove it.

"With technology the way it changes day to day, we're hoping to find something that's going to push us over that edge to get an indictment and conviction," said Seevers. He's looking all over the world for technology that can help him reassess what evidence he does have.

Clark's brother has faith in Seevers and the Sheriff's office. He's just hoping the squad will crack this case sooner rather than later.

"I'd like to see it solved, my dad and mother passed away before it was solved and my sister and sister-in-law, who knows with their health problems, but, like I said, it will be solved one of these days."

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