Lighting Up The Holiday Spirit In Marietta

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Lighting up the holiday tree is spreading across the valley and Saturday night, it was Marietta's turn.

Kids and parents gathered outside the armory downtown for the annual City Tree Lighting Ceremony.

People stayed warm by drinking hot cocoa, talking to Santa and listening to various Christmas songs.

Donna Marenchin donated the large Christmas tree for the ceremony while city workers, Tanner Huffman and Jake Brown handcrafted the star.

"Christmas is a great time of the year and I think it's wonderful that the kids come down tonight and they've been talking to Santa Claus and everyone's having a great time," says Marietta Mayor, Joe Matthews.

"Words can't describe how it means to give something back to the community that they have gave me, it's just an awesome feeling," added Marenchin.

The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was postpone Friday for Saturday night due to inclement weather.

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