Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emission Rules For Power Plants

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A bill seeks to pull the reins on the EPA and its standards on power plants.

But is it too little, too late?

The U.S. House passed the bill co-sponsored by both House and Senate members, including West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Its intention: to limit the EPA's greenhouse gas emissions rules for new and existing power plants.

But it comes after the closings of older power plants all through the nation, including several in our area.

"For existing power plants, substantial CO2 reductions have already been realized over the past decade," says Stephanie Walton, senior communications representative with FirstEnergy. "That's due to a number of factors, including economic downturn, increased renewable generation and the retirements of older, less-efficient plants."

Senator Manchin says the EPA's proposed standards will increase electric bills and jeopardize jobs without providing any real environmental benefits.

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