Little Hocking Elementary Celebrates Veterans Day

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"We're just trying to have a great time and show all the kids what these veterans have done and to appreciate all the things that they have been doing for us, their service for us," says Drew Banziger, Student Council vice president at Little Hocking Elementary School. "We're just trying to congratulate them for a job well done."

A 26-year veteran of the U.S. Airforce appreciates the outpouring for our American heroes.

"I retired in '92 from the Airforce. I started working for the school in '94 and I've come to every Veterans Day celebration," says Clifford Peckens of Fleming, Ohio.

Students honoring our veterans for their sacrifice to our country this Veterans Day.

"We feel it's the best way to show our appreciation to the veterans, teaching the students about Veterans Day is what we feel is the best way to show them what the veterans have done for us as a country and as a community," says kindergarten teacher Shelly Hess.

It's all about honor and respect, as students at Little Hocking Elementary get up close with those who served.

"You know when you leave here, you know you're seeing different children every year and it just shows the continuation that our pride and things in our country and our flag and honoring our vets is just continuing on," Peckens says.

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