Little Hocking Students Celebrate Dr. Suess

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The students at Little Hocking Elementary School get a treat with Dr. Seuss week, by dressing in their favorite character and special hats for "Cat in the Hat Day".

First grade teacher Kacey Stack says Dr. Seuss is very important to a primary school education because it teaches phonetic skills like rhyming and word families.

If you encourage them to participate more and become involved in the book, they'll be more willing to read it.

"I've had almost every one of my students participate a lot of the days, so they're really enjoying getting to have this kind of freedom," she says. "They get to act a little silly. Obviously, I don't look like I have yellow eyebrows most of the time."

Stack says a couple of students dressed as Sneetches Tuesday, The Lorax and of course Cat in the Hat.

It's their time to act as honest to goodness Dr. Seuss characters, and what a blast they had!

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