Local 242 Helps Habitat for Humanity Build a House

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Local 242 braved the cold to help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a family in need on the Southside of Parkersburg.

"I teach an apprenticeship class and we're bringing our apprentices out here to do volunteer work, plus training... on-job training for the roofer's union," says Joe Bock, 242 instructor.

The five-week program prepares students with the skills to become journeyman roofers.

"We teach OSHA; we had a CPR class, we taught them their CPR training, just safety and roofing skills, we got little mockup roofs that we do," Bock says.

When the class of roofers approached Habitat the timing was perfect because they needed a roof on the house and the students could get on-the-job training.

"We were really excited to have the class of roofers there today," says Alvin Phillips, Habitat executive director. "It's great for them to be able to take their classroom experience and give it practical knowledge, practical application at the Habitat house."

A cross-section of folks sign up to build Habitat houses.

"One of the wonderful things about Habitat is we can really use anyone. We often have really skilled people and then we often have folks that come with no skill and it's interesting how much they can learn during that time," Phillips says.

The apprentices are thinking about others and making a difference as they look ahead to their future.

"I think it's a good thing," Bock says. "I mean it's more than just training; they're helping out, they're helping a family out that you know... needs a house."

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