Local Businesses Gear Up for Black Friday

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"Usually we start gearing up around November 1, kind of butt up against Halloween is when we start gearing up," says Jeff Salmans, owner of Mulberry Lane Country Store in Parkersburg. "We just start decorating trees and getting the Christmas merchandise out and a little bit at a time."

Keeping it level nearing the biggest shopping day of the year.

"Our Christmas spending is about the same amount as it usually is," says Niki Hutzler of Parkersburg. "I do occasionally do shopping on Black Friday; I don't know that I'll do that this year. I do a lot of shopping on the Internet if I can do that."

With Black Friday right around the corner we know people are spending on everything for the home but are they also buying clothing?

"Absolutely, I love to shop locally. I want the money that I make in Parkersburg to stay in Parkersburg," says Lisa Offenberger of Parkersburg.

In these trying times, business owners can only hope for a productive holiday.

"We're very well stocked... with the economy you don't know but so far things seem to be good," says Horner and Harrison owner David Boone. "We're hopeful for a good season."

Folks around the Valley are making key purchases this season, bucking the typical fad of intense Black Friday shopping.

"Instead of buying lots of items, they want to buy one or two items that are special and nice," Boone says. "That's a trend we've been seeing this year."

For some, the headache just isn't worth it.

"The savings wasn't that great for me to go out and you know, get in the crowds and the lines," Offenberger says. "Then by the time you get up to the register, they're like 'well, we only had one of those items, we don't have it anymore.' So I'm not going to do Black Friday this year."

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