Local Courthouses See Increase In Mineral Rights Records Searches

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They're filling courthouses across the valley. Abstractors with oil and gas companies, all hoping to get their hands on some public information.

"Last year around this time, we had the influx of being overwhelmed a little bit but not to the extent you've heard other counties have," says Washington County Recorder, Tracey Wright.

What they're looking for is mineral rights, a hot commodity among the industry, but Washington County is prepared to handle the crowds.

"We direct them as to what books and index systems we have. Most of them need copies made of all the oil and gas leases, deeds."

From tables lining the hallways for research, to a very organized check out system.

"When a person needs a copy, they come in and they fill out a sheet. They leave that sheet on the counter. Everything's in order. As soon as those copies are filled, we set them off to the side. Those people pick them up and take their copies with them."

Recorders are working to make sure no chaos ensues, even taking the steps to direct abstractors to online records.

"The oil companies tell me they use it quite a bit. A lot of companies stay in the area and they work in the evenings, since we're not open they can access the records at night."

Records can be accessed online from December 1984 to today. They can be copied from 1996 to today.

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