Local DNC Delegate Gears Up for Convention

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Paul Miller lives in Parkersburg, but is spending this week in North Carolina as a delegate to the DNC.

The convention officially kicks off Tuesday, but Miller says things are already underway.

Governor Bev Perdue spoke to crowds today saying she'll do everything possible to make sure North Carolina goes blue this fall.

And that's big for the Obama campaign.

North Carolina is a swing state so while most recent polls show Obama has a small lead, the state's electoral votes are still up for grabs.

"There's a number of different strategies that the Democratic Party has outlined that would get us to 270 electoral votes in the fall and all those strategies include pulling in North Carolina. So North Carolina is definitely an important state. It's really hard to win without North Carolina. So we see it as an important state for Obama," says Miller.

Miller says this is his first time at the Democratic National Convention and so far has been an educational experience.

We'll be hearing much more from Miller over the next 3 days as the convention gets underway.

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