Local DUI Arrests Jump Over the Weekend

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Police arrested eight people over the weekend in Parkersburg for drunk driving.

December typically has the highest number of DUI arrests, but this early in the month it has police concerned for the public's safety.

Last year there were 114 DUI arrests. There have already been 163 this year.

To counteract this problem, the department will have up to three additional officers on the road nearly every day this month.

"Coming in and seeing the number of DUI arrests over the weekend was very concerning. We look at it and we think is it going to be one of those months where we have way too many DUI arrests and if so we want to get ahead of it. Warn the public, be completely fair about it. Warn the public and tell them we're going to be out and trying to knock these arrests down to make it safe for everybody traveling in the region for the holidays," says Parkersburg Police Department Sergeant Greg Collins.

This year is on track to have the most DUI arrests since 2007 locally. Police ask drivers to be safe and plan ahead by choosing a designated driver before your night starts.

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