Local Election Reaction Hours Before Decision

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Once every four years and election day is the day we get to change the course of America.

"I'm surprised that there wasn't more people but it went pretty quickly," says Gene Watkins of Parkersburg. "Basically it was we knew who we were going to vote for before we ever went in there."

Just hours before the outcome of the election and reaction from both sides of the river.

"My experience has been great, no lines - came right down here after picking her up from preschool and got right in," says Tiffany Burnfield of Belpre. "We're excited to be in Ohio, an important state in the election and teaching her to do our duty to come and out and vote every year."

Too many ads, too much mudslinging and just let the candidates get down to business. That's the general sentiment from most voters waiting for the big decision in this election.

"Too much politics on TV," says Don Jenkins of Belpre. "I believe that the money could be better spent someplace else but that's politics. All in all I am very well pleased with it; it's going to be a real close race."

By now people have decided who they want to vote for and no amount of last minute campaigning is going to change that.

"I think that the more people heard towards the end of the election cycle, they decided that they were tired of it. They didn't want to hear anymore and probably made up their minds well before this, well before election day," says Grant Weekley of Parkersburg.

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