Local Eleven Year Old Runner Completes Half Marathon

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Emilee Ellison finished another 5K race Saturday morning, and for this fifth grader running is her passion.

Inspired by her mom, the eleven year old took up the hobby three years ago.

"The very second 5K I did, I beat her," says Emilee.

Most recently she completed her first half marathon in Washington D.C. The Nike Women's Half Marathon where she was the youngest racer out of 15,000. She completed in just over two hours.

"When I cross the finish line, I feel a lot of a sense of achievement".

With more than 100 races under her belt, her parents are amazed by her achievements.

"There's no words to describe how proud we are of her for everything that she does. She's a remarkable child," says Emilee's mom, Heather.

Not only is Emilee a star when she runs, but she excels in writing. She is this year's Young Author's award winner for the entire state.

"Writing is another one of my great hobbies. I really like writing fantasy. I love my imagination. I think one of my great characteristics is that I'm very imaginative," says Emilee.

Her dad says although his daughter knows how much she's accomplished, she stays grounded.

"How humble she is about what she does. She doesn't let it get to her head," says Mickey Ellison.

Looking towards the future, Emilee has set many goals, not only in running.

"I want to be a writer when I grow up. There's so many things I want to do."

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