Local Expert Weighs In On Women Missing

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Here at home, crisis intervention specialists say an event like this will take a long time to come back from.

We spoke to the Executive Director of the Family Crisis Intervention Center, Emily Larkins. She says reuniting a person into society after a tragic situation takes time. She adds the three women will go through a series of counseling, therapy and medical attention.

"We don't hear of these happy stories, that they are found and that they are physically okay. But we also know with that news there is also going to be sad news. Very sad stories and horrific stories that are going to follow."

What happens now for the women, Larkins explains.

"Respect the choices that they are choosing to make as they go through this healing process. It's not for us to judge, we were not the ones there. And us as individuals, we know what it takes internally for us to heal survive and move on."

Larkins adds the family may also have to go through therapy to get the women back into society.

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