Local Experts Weigh In On State Of The Union Address

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All eyes will be watching President Obama Tuesday night as he makes the State of the Union Address.

As far as topics, local experts say everything could be on the table.

WVU-P professor Dr. Rob Anderson says, "The State of the Union Address is the presidents opportunity to tell the American people what the president has planned for us and what is vision for the future is."

A vision local experts say should include a focus on the economy.

"I would really like to see a long term agenda put forth by the president that has a vision for the future. Not just a short term gain but what he sees for America and to put Americans back to work. That's what I think most people in the Mid-Ohio Valley want is a job."

The President is likely to announce Tuesday night his plans to pull 34-thousand troops out of Afghanistan.

"Most assuredly, this has been his long term plan to get America out of Afghanistan. What is his position on that? Because we do have a lot of people in the military in this state. And to be blunt it's scary when you think about the war on terror."

And many will be waiting to see if President Obama touches on two controversial topics.

"Gun safety or gun control. Libya. Is that going to be something the president addresses or is he going to pass that over?"

And even if President Obama does pass that over, local experts say this topic is a big opportunity to gain support.

"Politics. What we see now is such a divide in Washington DC. It is such a pervasive issue and I think anyone on either side, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, know that there is no real communication and we need to address that and it can start with the president."

You can watch The State of the Union Address on Tuesday night at 9:00 on WTAP and Fox Parkersburg.

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