Local Family Holds Fundraiser for Children in Hospitals

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A local girl doing her best to help her peers.

Today was the very first Driving For Bella fundraiser.

Bella Bosley was born with Spina Bifidia.

The disease that could have ended her life isn't slowing her down.

Now 8 years old, Bella knows how hard it is to spend so much time in the hospital.

She and her family are working to help other kids in the same situation.

They're collecting things like coloring books and crayons;

Anything to help kids stuck in hospitals pass the time.

Today local companies came out to contribute, and the family raffled off products.

The money raised today will go to the kids' families.

Bella's mother says it's not just emotional rough to have a child confined to a hospital; it's a financial strain too.

"Any of the money that we collect from the events that we do is going to go to the parents of the children in the hospitals," said Bella's mother Danielle Renfro. "If they need help with gas, or food, because it's hard for Mom and Dad too. Knowing how hard it is to be in this situation, we love the idea of being able to take some of the stress away from the other families."

The family will also donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation-

Bella says she's still grateful for the amazing wish that she was granted- trip to Disney World.

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