Local Heating Companies See Increase In Calls

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Freezing temps can make for an even colder night if your heat is broken and in the valley, many are bundling up even inside as calls for heating repairs are up.

"Every year whenever the weather turns cold like this it probably more than doubles," says Grogg's Heating and Air Conditioning Owner, Tim Hanlon.

At Grogg's Heating and Air Conditioning, the majority of calls for service aren't for filter changes or small repairs.

"They're almost always no heat calls. It's people that wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning cold, and they're not sure why so they pick up the phone and call us. Normally it has completely quit working. They call us and we dispatch service techs out of here and they go fix them "

An easy solution before it's too late, experts say to have preventative maintenance regularly so you're not stuck battling the cold both outside and in.

"If they notice it's not working well when it's not so frigid, call then and don't wait until it gets five degrees outside and it completely quits working and they have no choice but to calls us."

And those calls will continue to rise as the temperature continues to drop.

"We're in a pattern here. They're calling for some more single digit temperatures and i think we'll stay bust for the next month or so."

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