Local Mayors Prepare For Possible Storms

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Putting lessons of last summers storms to the test. Local mayors are preparing for the possibility of storms on Wednesday and Thursday.

"You ever want to panic, but you need to think of the things we endured last year for a week or more," says Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz.

Enduring the destruction and widespread damage of last summer's storms. With the cleanup, came questions from local mayors of if they could have been more prepared.

"We didn't have enough chain saws to clear the streets. We were scurrying around to find large enough chain saws to clear streets for emergency and power personnel," says Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell.

"We learned we weren't prepared as most communities were," Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews says.

It's a lesson that may prove useful as the mayors prepare for the potential of powerful storms yet again.

Mayor Matthews adds, "since then, we've tried to put things together. We're also working on getting generators for the city for our wastewater plants and street department."

"Everything is fueled up. Everything is ready to run with the generators and so forth," says Mayor Lorentz.

"The city electricians have made sure the generators are functioning to make sure this building is running as well," Mayor Newell adds.

The planning doesn't stop there. Communities are preparing for any type of weather situation and extending those plans throughout the year.

"We're being prepared as best as we can depending on the type of storm it is. If it's electrical, power lines down whatever, but if it's water, we'll be out doing things like that," says Mayor Matthews.

Cooling stations will be open, should a storm cause major damage and power outages. You're also encouraged to use the 311 line instead of calling 911 for non-emergencies.

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