Local Reaction to Boston Bombing

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It was a devastating blow to Boston yesterday -- and from coast to coast, there are many questions about how safe we are at big events.

"You go to a race and then all of a sudden you know you hear these big booms going on and then people getting hurt and blood everywhere. I just think it's very bad that this stuff is happening," says Gary Britton of Parkersburg.

After the horror in Boston, the country is on extra high alert.

"This past fall we had been in Boston for the first time; I have cousins up there so I was very concerned about my cousins and stuff," says Parkersburg resident Joanne Fittro. "Yes, I would feel safe (going to large gatherings in the valley) because this is something that could happen anywhere."

People might even question their own safety after another attack on American soil.

"It's a terrible thing that happened," says Norman Smith of Parkersburg. "Of course I think we're relatively safe around here, but what we say around here is it will never happen here. Those people up there said the same thing."

With the tragedy in Boston threatening the very fabric of our safety, people in the valley attending large events might also have something to worry about.

"I'd definitely go to a big event around here, it's... what's the odds? You know, you can't let... you hate to see things like that happen but you can't let an incident like that dictate your life," Smith says.

Many won't soon let the person or people responsible break their spirit or scare them away from events everyone has come to love.

"Yes, I do feel safe going around here," Britton says. "I'm not gonna let 'em hold us down from doin' the rest of our, you know... to live and if we do that, they're gonna win."

New details about the attack will emerge in the days ahead and how we all can cope without giving up the events we love around the valley.

Be careful, mindful and if you see something, say something.

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