UPDATE: Ticketing Company Issuing Refunds for Canceled Charleston Run

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UPDATE 7/25/2014 5:45 PM

A ticketing company is refunding registration fees to people who signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Charleston.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey made the announcement late Friday afternoon.

The mud run was scheduled for July 26, but it was canceled on July 23.

Self-service ticketing company Eventbrite will send electronic notifications of its intent to provide full refunds to race participants who paid registration fees through Eventbrite's website by July 28, with all refunds initiated in the coming days.

Morrisey says only Eventbrite is confirmed to be providing registrants refunds at this time.

Morrisey says Eventbrite had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the race.

100 LLC contracted with Eventbrite to provide “tickets” and receipts to participants who paid between $65 and $95 to take part in the race.

When the Charleston run was cancelled, 100 LLC announced it would not give refunds to the 2,700 people who had registered for the race.

Within 24 hours of that announcement, more than 250 people filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office, saying the no-refund policy violated the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act.

Morrisey said the agreement between the Attorney General’s Office and Eventbrite does not preclude or prohibit either party from seeking additional legal remedies from 100 LLC, Human Movement, or other entities that may bear liability for damages to participants, consumers and others arising out of the cancellation of the 2014 Charleston Dirty Girl Mud Run.

The race is off.

And runners won't get a refund.

A mud run cancer benefit cancelled just days before the race.

The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Charleston was set for Saturday.

But this week organizers sent an email cancelling the event.

Less than three percent goes to charity.

It's promoted as a cancer benefit.

Cancer survivors didn't have to pay the entry fee.

But everyone else paid to run.

And some signed up half a year ago.

"It was aggravating because it was something local so it was going to be something kind of fun, just a quick trip down there and back. It was disappointing in that it was for a good cause, and we we're out that money. But as far as them just up and cancelling it, I don't think that was the right way to go about it," says Theresa Law, who was planning to participate.

The mud run company says there was an issue with the shuttle company.

They had hoped to hold the event at a different location.

Regardless, runners are filing a class action lawsuit.

The team from Marietta says they were lucky.

Their credit card companies refunded the charge.

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