Local School Emergency Plans

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The devastation in Oklahoma sparks interest in emergency plans here at home.

Parkersburg South Principal Thomas Eschbacher says, they have crisis management plans in place for a possible fire, tornado and shelter in place.

According to the Assistant Superintendent's office, all Wood County schools are required to practice these drills every year as well.

Parkersburg South performed two tornado drills this year. During these drills the students and staff go to a place where the roof could not blow off the building, such as the downstairs hallways, keeping them safe from debris. Each classroom has a copy of the exit plan, along with emergency kit with plastic and tape to seal off doorways if needed.

"We have a extremely cooperative group of students and teachers. I'm not sure things go as smoothly in other schools, I don't have anything to compare it to, but in the event of an actual emergency our students react very calmly," said Parkersburg South Principal Thomas Eschbacher.

Principal Eschbacher stresses, even though they have a written plan for emergencies and are always practicing, it more than likely things never goes as planned. So you always have to think on your feet and take care of events as they happen.

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