Local Shriners Club Selling Christmas Trees

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You may have been so busy trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that you haven't gotten a tree for your home yet.

No worries.

The Shriners in Parkersburg are showing their holiday cheer by selling Christmas trees.

The club is selling the trees in the parking lot of southside Kroger's and K-Mart.

The sale has been going on since November 24th.

It will continue until 310 trees are sold.

So far, the Shriners sold over 50 Christmas trees.

The volunteers are urging people to come out and buy the fresh cut holiday staple.

"Well to start with, ours was cut the day after thanksgiving, delivered to us the next day," says Assistant Director, Loyd Kirkpatrick.

All proceeds will go towards the Shriners Hospital or the Transportation Fund.

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