Local Vendors Show Everyone What They Have To Offer

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Sunday afternoon marks the last day of the annual Great American Home Show at the Park Shopping Center.

Area vendors were on hand at the old big bear building showing folks what they have to offer.

Whether you own a home or not, it's never too late to get ideas to keep their house looking nice.

We spoke to several vendors about the uniqueness of the event and what they can offer homeowners.

"We do work that a lot of other companies won't do because if you have a foundation that's completely crumbling away or something, we'll go in and crib the basement or crawl the space up," says Owner of Advantage Basement and Foundation Repair, Brian Courtney.

"We offer everything from the floor furnace all the way to geothermal which will be the most state of the art heating system," added Tim Hanlon of Grogg's Heating and Air Conditioning.

Great American Home Show officials say insulation in homes is a important item for owners to have due to the costs of gas and electric.

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