Local Woman Reaches Huge Blood Donation Milestone

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Sarah Stark started donating blood when she was 18 years old. Saturday, she reached her 24th donation for a total of 3 gallons of donated blood.

One pint of blood can save three lives which means Stark has helped as many as 72 people. She says that donating blood is her way to positively impact her community and encourages everyone thinking about donating blood to take the leap and save lives.

"I don't like needles but this is one of the easiest things," Stark says. "You don't have to sit and watch the blood come out. It's just five, ten minutes of your time and they feed you after. It's one of the easiest things you could do."

If you weren't able to make it out to the blood drive Saturday you're always welcome to make an appointment at the Red Cross Donor Center in Parkersburg by calling (304) 865-0881.

Officials with the Red Cross say Saturday's blood drive resulted in 43 units of blood. Those units have the potential to impact 120 patients and their families.

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