Local Museum Receives High Honor

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The Campus Martius Museum is now up there with the Smithsonian and Metropolitan.

Its been accredited by the American Association of Museums, a feat only seven percent of museums around the country have accomplished.

"Accreditation isn't something one does after five o'clock," said Ohio Historical Society Director Burt Logan, upon presenting the award.
"It's what you do every day when you're open to the public."

And according to Museum Director Floyd Barmann, additional programming is what impresses, and attracts, the public.

"[My staff and I] sit down during the winter, during the slow time, and pick out events, programs and exhibits that appeal to a large, broad segment of the societies around Washington County and beyond," he said.

Events like Saturday's archaeological exhibit, which drew hundreds through museum doors. Barmann said plans like that are what have allowed Campus Martius to double its foot traffic from last year. He says the accreditation will ultimately bring even more people in, because the museum will be able to borrow more attractions.

"Without those things, it's a lot harder to get money, to get signature exhibits, so this could open up a whole new branch of avenues," said Barmann.

The award was presented in front of a small audience Monday at Campus Martius.

State Senator Jim Stewart and Representative Andy Thompson came out to applaud the museum for its accomplishment.

Barmann says he's ecstatic, but there's more work to be done.

"We have a big job ahead of us to maintain those standards."

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