Local Musician Recognized

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Parkersburg resident Jim Gustafson never thought a psych-rock album he recorded back when he was 21 would trigger a flurry of media attention decades later.

"Who would have thunk that some West Virginia band would end up top ten of Rolling Stone," said Gustafson, the founding member and guitarist for Poobah.

And Classic Rock magazine, the most read rock-n-roll magazine world-wide, and now, guitar world, the most prominent guitar magazine, where he'll be written up for his skills on the instrument.

The recent wave of attention began with the album "Let Me In."

"It was seen on the internet selling for close to a thousand dollars is you had an original copy of that album," explained Gustafson. "I mean, I don't really have a formula of how you can get something to become valuable, but somehow in the mix of things somehow all these collectors all over the world chose Poobah."

The attention lead Gustafson to reissue the album, and it was a hit in the rock-n-roll world.

"It's already sold out and is being repressed again."

The album received eight out of ten stars in a review by Classic Rock, and Rolling Stone rated one of the top ten albums reissued in 2010.

But Gustafson isn't letting the attention go to his head. In between playing weekly shows, he's still writing music and looking toward the future.

"This is a new album that's coming out and it'll start it all over maybe we'll be in next year's top ten."

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