Local Photographer Wins Contest

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A local photographer is celebrating a big accomplishment after winning first place in a multi-state photography competition.

Michele Coleman snapped the winning photo that shows a rugged hillside and a cello playing teenager. The photo won her first place in a contest sponsored by University of Kentucky's Appalachian Center.

Coleman says she entered the contest because she wanted to help break the stereotypes of the Appalachian region and she was thrilled with her photograph's outcome.

"I saw that hillside with the rock that she was sitting on and I immediately had this vision in my head. I wanted her on that hill with her cello. And she was up for it. She went up the hill with her cello, bless her heart. It was freezing. It was February and she's climbing up a hillside with a cello," explains Coleman. "She was a great sport. It worked out great. It was exactly what I saw in my head and I was very pleased with it."

Coleman has received numerous awards for her photography but says winning this award was special because she was able to show the beauty of her home state.

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