Local Red Cross Volunteers In Henryville After Storms

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Henryville, Indiana was one of the worst hit areas from the severe storms of last week and one local man and woman are volunteering to see the area recover and rebuild.

Linda Bloomfield and Dennis Carpenter are volunteers from the Mid-Ohio Valley chapter of the American Red Cross who were deployed to Henryville shortly after the storms. Bloomfield says this is her 6th deployment with the Red Cross and, although each deployment is difficult, there are moments when she is able to see the true value of her efforts.

"The bright spot is when we can hand a child a toy and brighten their face. Because they have no toys left. They forget about every other thing that the have seen or heard, and that smile comes back," explains Bloomfield. "They are so tickled and they blow a little kiss or a nice wave and that's just... that's something that just warms my heart."

Bloomfield says she can't begin to express her gratitude to the Mid-Ohio Valley. She says your donations make it possible for her to be able to provide relief to those most severely impacted by disasters.