Local Residents Inspired By Protests Occupy Cutler

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Residents of Washington and Athens counties are looking to send a message to Washington D.C. by hosting their own occupy protest.

Inspired by the protesters across the country, Cutler and Athens residents organized and attended an Occupy Cutler protest.

Attendees say they want congress and all branches of government to work together and see that Americans are put back to work and that the county's infrastructure is mended.

Organizers say they wanted the event to be open for everyone to attend regardless of political affiliation.

"We are stressing that this is for everybody," says organizer Christine McVicar. "We would like to do something that congress isn't able to do and that is come together as democrats, republicans, add some independents, and make a solution to create work at this difficult time."

Protesters met at the bridge that connects Washington and Athens counties, which has been shut down. Many say the bridge is their main route of transportation between the two counties and not being able to access it makes travel difficult.

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