Local Residents in Hawaii As Threat for Tsunami Approaches

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While Hawaii may be miles and miles away from the Mid Ohio Valley, and the idea of a tsunami may be distant in the minds of many of us, this isn't the case for four residents who are in Hawaii.

Don and Jenny Hickman along with Don's parents are in the Aloha state to celebrate Don and Jenny's wedding. The two were married Thursday night and were a bit surprised at the threat that could be facing them on their wedding night.

We spoke to Jenny a little before 9 a.m. our time or 4 a.m. their time and she said the conditions there aren't as bad as you would think.

"It's way too dark to see anything right now, it's very peaceful and warm," said Hickman.

The Maui Coast Hotel, where the Mineral Wells residents are staying, has evacuated all of their customers to higher levels of the building.

"We've all been forced to the seventh floor of the hotel," said Hickman.

WTAP hopes to hear more from the Hickmans throughout Friday.

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