Local Veteran Receives Donation

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We told you about a group of volunteers helping a local veteran with basic living needs. They finished the shower and have plans to install slip proof floor tile in the bathroom the week of July 4th.

Veterans Connection inc. raised money to buy and install a walk-in shower for World War II veteran Leonard Amos.

Previously amos had problems getting in and out of the bathtub and shower that was in the home.

Veterans Connection, Inc. also plans to install slip proof floor tile in the bathroom the week of July 4th.


For two years, World War II Veteran Leonard Amos has been confined to the first floor of his home.

He has had bad problems with circulation in his legs.

"I got a shower upstairs but I can't get upstairs a bathroom upstairs and it's got a shower in it, but I can't get up there," Leonard Amos said.

Lisa Groves, the founder of The Veterans Connection Inc. met Amos at VA Hospital and after hearing his story decided she needed to do something to help.

"Needing a proper way to take a shower and a bath without falling in and getting trapped and decided to ask him, would you like a walk in shower?" Groves said.

Volunteers pitched in to take out the old bath that Amos fell into and out of multiple times, and replaced it with a brand new walk in shower.

And Amos and his wife couldn't be more grateful for the donation.

" It means a lot, it means they can help a lot of people," Leonard's wife, Fay Amos said.

As a veteran herself, Groves knows the importance of taking care of her own. "We are brothers and sisters.I think of every veteran as being my brother and my sister and we gotta help each other."

But groves says the organization needs donations and volunteers, especially manpower. Manpower like it took the veterans to fight for our country.

If you are interested in helping out local veterans, click on the hot button for a link to Groves Facebook page.

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