Look Back at 2012

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The promise of a new start awaits the valley in 2013 after a year of ups and downs.

"The storm in June, that was a bit of a challenge for everybody obviously...but we got through that pretty well," says Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell. "We were very lucky nobody was killed."

"The storm that hit is nothing like anything we've ever seen. The people I dealt with from First Energy they've never seen anything like that," says Vienna Mayor David Nohe.

"The storm in June I think we proved as a city, the city employees the services offered here that we can withstand that," says Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz.

It's been a challenging year for the Mid-Ohio Valley but there's a lot to look forward to in 2013.

"The senior center just getting its elevator and that whole second floor being renovated," Nohe says. "So now the seniors will have two complete floors they can use and for a city this size and a very, very small budget... that's a wonderful thing for the people."

2012 proved to be one of the biggest years for growth and expansion in Parkersburg and a venture long in the works.

"The announcement by Public Debt that they would be expanding new jobs into Parkersburg and also our interest in baseball," Newell says. "We spent most of the year working on that as well, hoping that might come to fruition after the first of the year."

Lorentz says there's also interest in new business and job creation in Belpre.

"Projects like the hospital, the medical building's coming in has been a true blessing," he says. "We're now looking forward to Go Mart being down next to the bridge. We have people want to go build a nursing home off (Route) 7."

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