Lord Street Closure Left Up to Community

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More than two dozen citizens turned out at two public hearings to consider a C-S-X proposal to close Lord Street at Harmar and leverage funds to repair the Washington Street rail crossing.

The result was a resounding "NO" to the proposal to reimburse the city $4000 for barriers to block off the street. Some called the proposal nothing short of blackmail.

Street Committee Councilman Denver Abbott says there was little doubt about the outcome. "This was a no-brainer. The constituents did not want it and we decided to not even take it to legislation."

The next step is for the city and C-S-X to come to terms on the repair of the Washington Street crossing separately.

Update: Wednesday 9 p.m. 9/26/12

City Council asks the community to decide if the Lord Street and Harmar Street intersection should be a permanent closure or temporary construction.

The final meeting happens Wednesday, September 26.

The City of Marietta Engineering Department says they've worked with CSX Railroad because of maintenance and safety at that intersection.

C-S-X proposes adding permanent barricades at the intersection to better traffic. The City says it's the communities choice.

The Engineering Department's Joe Tucker explains the proposed closure. It would put a guardrail or barricade not allowing cars to go straight through on Lord street. The closure would still allow cars only to turn right onto Harmar from Lord or right onto Lord from Harmar.

If the permanent closure does not happen, the City says temporary construction would still have to happen.

Both the permanent and temporary could start as early as October.

The City does say if there is a permanent closure money would then be available for maintenance on the railroad tracks on Fort Harmar Drive near the Washington Street Bridge.

To have your voice heard:
Final public meeting Wednesday September 26, 7 p.m.
Gillman United Methodist Church

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