Low Cost Pet Vaccines... High Priority For Local Veterinarian

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Medicine can get expensive - especially when it's for your four legged friends. Saturday afternoon, one local veterinarian did all she could to make sure pets are protected from illness by offering a low cost vaccine clinic.

Doctor Bea Schooley and her team set up shop at the Marietta Tractor Supply to help ensure area pets are protected against what could be potentially fatal illness. Dr. Schooley says when finances get tight pet owners sometimes cut costs by not keeping their pet vaccines current. She says that could end up costing much more than the price of the medicine in the first place.

"You never know if your pet has heart worm until we do the test. You don't know if they've been exposed because of a mosquito bite and it causes heart failure," Dr. Schooley explains. "If you find the disease once there are signs of heart failure the prognosis is not that good. So, again prevention is the way to go because you end up having a healthier pet and saving money in the long run."

Vaccines are an integral part of making sure your pets live healthy long lives. Dr. Schooley says the other part is making sure your animals get the care they need. That's another step Dr. Schooley is making a lot easier for owners by pioneering a mobile pet clinic.

"We're doing house calls for dogs and cats. It's geared towards pet owners who have multiple pets, maybe pets that don't travel well, maybe clients that don't drive, families that have children that maybe traveling and it may be a little more difficult," Dr. Schooley adds. "We basically come to your house and do everything we would do in the exam room."

Dr. Schooley will be at the Parkersburg Tractor Supply next weekend, June 21st, from 2-4p.m. For more information on the traveling vet clinic click on the link below.

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