Love for Linda Benefit

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UPDATE: August 16th, 2013 7:58 PM

An update to the story about Linda Marks. A couple of weeks ago she was waiting on a heart transplant and she has received a heart

Family members say doctors told them she had only three to four months to live and then they got the call early one morning.

Linda's son Zack says she is doing wonderful and even ahead of schedule with her recovery process.

Family members want to thank the community for all their support especially, with the Love for Linda benefit held just a couple of weeks ago.

"It's been totally amazing. The way that people's been, support wise, we have a Love for Linda facebook page and with the support, the updates, everybody, the phone calls, letters, it has just been outstanding, its been its just crazy," said Zack Marks, Linda's son.

Zack says Linda is still currently in Ohio State University Hospital. She will be moving into an apartment close to the hospital soon and should be home around the middle of September.
She is a loved Warren bus driver and community member for years and now she's waiting on a heart transplant to stay alive.

Linda Marks is only 56 years old and doctors told her just a month ago, she needs a new heart.

Linda's niece Amy Crock is experiencing the importance of organ donation first hand.

"It's a real eye opener, to see how much I've taken for granted. A heart is a really big deal, it's one of the most complicated vital organs you have and it's one of the hardest organs to get," said Amy Crock, Linda's niece.

While on the transplant list, Crock says her aunt has had to make many trips up to Columbus for doctors visits and the medical bills are starting to pile in.
The word spread about her situation, that's when the Love for Linda benefit was planned. Crock says the support is already piling in.

"She can't believe how many people have reached out, to do what we've been doing. We've put this together in four weeks, and it really snuck up on me, she is just really grateful. I can't even describe how grateful we are for all the help that we've had and donations and support," said Crock.

Chief of the Dunham Fire Department says the reaction was immediate. When they heard about Linda's situation they called an emergency meeting Sunday night, decided to cancel their ice cream social and put all their proceeds towards the Love for Linda benefit.

"We decided to cancel our social, and put our support behind the marks benefit. Her being a life long resident of the township, and long time school bus driver for the school district, her son is actually in the fire service, when he started he was a member here when he started," said Chief Erine Hoschar, Dunham Volunteer Fire Department.

The event is this Saturday night from 4-7 PM. Everything is free and they will be taking donations for Linda's medical bills.
There will also be a place where you can sign up to be an organ donor.

The Director of Specialty Care at Camden Clark says 118,000 people are on the organ donation transplant list and there are 18 people that die every day, waiting on a transplant.

"She is one of those 118,000 people that are waiting, and she is getting a lot of support from the community. She is well known in the community, but what better way to support her than sign up, and it may not necessarily be her life that we save, but it could be someone else, it could be your own family," said Teresa Adams, Director of Specialty Care at Camden Clark Medical Center.

Family says they are expecting around 500 people at the event.

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