Marietta Memorial Zoning Up For Discussion

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A years worth a planning and now Marietta Memorial Hospital is getting closer to becoming it's own zone.

Currently the hospital is still part of City zoning regulations, meaning the hospital must go through the city before making any additions or changes to any building. Marietta Memorial Hospital includes three different sections within the city limits.

They say if this passes the Hospital will still have strict regulations.

"Just simply, it's going to make it a bit easier for the hospital on some of their smaller projects to be able to move a little more quickly which will save them money and allow them to get projects completed earlier for their patients," explains City Council Member Roger Kalter,

Council members say they have not seen even one member or resident opposed to this.
They do say if it passes surrounding residents and areas would still be able to come to the city or hospital with any questions or complaints.

To have your opinion heard or for more information you can go to the council meeting the last meeting to discuss this request is October 18.

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