MOV Health Department Says No Shortage Of Flu Shots

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The flu outbreak is spreading across the nation, and as many line up to receive treatment, many others are lining up to get prevention.

Many states are seeing a shortage in the flu shot vaccine.

While other methods of flu prevention may keep you from getting sick, experts say the flu shot is the most effective.

"It's always good to protect yourself first of all, and then when you protect yourself, you're protecting everyone else also," says MOV Health Department Clinical Director, Tonia Lang, RN.

In West Virginia, numbers for patients sick with the flu aren't as high as other states and at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, there's still plenty of flu shot supplies.

"We have plenty of the regular vaccine, but there is a high dose that's for age 65 and older and we don't have very many of those left, but if we run out, that age can also get the regular dose and we have plenty of the regular dose."

Even if you do get a flu shot, doctors recommend to wash your hands, cough into your elbow and try not to come into contact with people who may be sick around you.

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