MOV Work Camp

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They would rather spend their summer vacation helping others.

The Mid-Ohio Valley work camp brings in over 400 teenagers in from all over the country. These kids have decided to spend a week of their summer painting houses for people in need.

The camp has different groups painting 37 houses all around in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

In Marietta, a house on East Spring St off Colgate Drive now has a fresh new paint of green.

Youth leader Chuck Chisam says this is a great experience for the kids.

"As they walk onto the sight they arrive just ready to paint, but I watch them as they make friends with people they don't know. The different groups were mixed together, and then when they see the home owners and they begin to understand that they are really providing a service that is valuable and good. So by the end of the week, it's not just some job they came to do, but they learned that they can really make a difference in this world," said Chuck Chisam, Youth Leader from Tennessee.

Working all week, the group finished the house today at 4pm today.

Houses were also painted in Parkersburg, Belpre, Vienna and Little Hocking.

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