MOVTI Students Learn Hands On Skills At Murray Sheet Metal

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Learning the tricks of the trade to keep jobs right here in the valley.

Students at The Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute are learning hands on skills at Murray Sheet Metal. They took a tour of the shop on Thursday.

"This is an opportunity for our students to come out and make some relevance out of what they're doing at our center at the school where the skills are developing now. They can see where the application comes in for the careers that are available here in the valley and gives them the opportunity to stay home and be productive for the local economy," says MOVTI Assistant Director, Chris Cress.

Proven success stories. Murray Sheet Metal Shop Supervisor, Jim Bunner was a student at MOVTI. "The technical center that they're going to, I went through the same program. So when I came out of there they didn't have a lot of companies offering the option to let them know we're here, we're available."

Students get to see exactly how the skills they learn in the classroom apply once they graduate. "They should be able to see that the skills they are learning back at the school are used right out here in the workforce and see how important it is to actually use those skills and get good at them," says MOVTI Welding Instructor, Mike Sims.

And the students are excited to learn about potential job opportunities. "We've been doing stick welding, learning state certification, doing vertical stuff, being able to weld boxes and stuff like that," MOVTI student Riley Gruetter, says.

Murray Sheet Metal is one local company that understands the importance of keeping jobs right here in the valley.

"We need a lot more technical people in our area and they're hard to come by. We want to make sure that the kids understand how they can be successful in the trades," Murray Sheet Metal Office Manager, Karen Henline says.

"We wanna keep local work thriving. We want to see these local guys stay in this area. We want them to retire here and build a good future and stay in the area," Bunner adds.

Murray Sheet Metal currently has around 80 employees. Henline says they hire on a regular basis, but are especially in need of seasonal employees that specialize in HVAC skills.

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